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(available Fri and Sat evenings only)    
(M) contains meat
(G) is gluten-free
(G)* can be made  gluten-free on request
(P) is suitable for pescatorians (fish eating vegetarians)
(P)* a vegetarian version available on request
(V) is suitable for vegetarians (no meat or fish)
RICE and MISO SOUP is NOT included
and may be ordered separately
we recommend you share a selection of dishes in the
traditional japanese way to enjoy  a wide range of flavours !
  Meat Dishes  
chikin katsu チキンかつ (M) fresh free range chicken breast fillet, breaded, deep fried, served with a fruity dipping sauce £7.00
shogayaki  しょうがやき (M) stir fried strips of pork loin marinated in soy and ginger £7.00
chikin karaage  チキンからあげ (M) fresh free range chicken breast chunks, marinated in soy and ginger, and deep fried £6.00
tonkatsu  とんかつ (M) tender pork cutlet, breaded and deep fried, served with a fruity dipping sauce £7.00
beef yakiniku  焼き肉 (M) stir fried thinly sliced beef steak marinated in garlic, spices and sesame £8.00 
  Fish Dishes  
satsumaage  さつまあげ (G)* (P) selection of pan-fried japanese fish cakes, served with our home-made sweet chilli sauce £7.00
ikanoshogayaki  いかのしょうがやき (P) tender squid pieces, marinated in soy and ginger, stir fried (can be made spicy on request) £7.00
samonbatayaki  サーモンバターやき (G)* (P) juicy chunks of fresh salmon fillets, pan-fried with butter and japanese seasoning £10.00
takoyaki  たこやき (P) octopus pieces in “pancake balls”, topped with seaweed powder, dried fish flakes and sauce £6.00
samon furai  サーモンフライ (P)

a large, fresh salmon fillet in japanese breadcrumbs, deep fried, served with fruity sauce

samon teri  ”えだまめ風” サーモンてり (P) fresh salmon fillets, marinated and poached in “edamame-style” teriyaki sauce £10.00
  Vegetable Dishes  
kinpira gobo  きんぴらごぼう (V) stir fried shredded burdock root, seasoned with sesame seeds and sweetened soy £3.00
amaitamago  あまいたまごやき (G)* (P)* omelette made with free range eggs, cooked with soy and sweetened wine seasoning £5.00
yasai itame やさいいため (G) (P)* carrots, mange toute, baby corn, oriental chives, beansprouts and tofu chunks, stir fried £6.00
bata horenso  バターほうれんそう (G) (P)* baby spinach, pan fried lightly with butter and japanese seasoning £4.00
jaga bata  じゃがバター (G)* (P)* pan fried baby potato chunks, in butter, garlic and japanese seasoning £3.00
tofu steak  とうふステーキ (V) tofu slices cooked in “edamame’s” sweetened soy, with grated mooli radish and leeks £7.00
agedashidofu  あげだしとうふ (P)* crispy deep fried tofu chunks, in “edamame’s” sweetened soy, with grated mild mooli radish, 
dried fish flakes, chopped leeks and a little freshly-grated ginger
yasai sarada やさいサラダ (G)* (P)* mixed salad with a tasty savoury japanese dressing, sprinkled with sesame seeds £3.00
kaiso sarada かいそうサラダ (G)* (P)* assorted soft seaweeds on bed of strips of white cabbage, with japanese dressing and leeks £3.50
sunomono すのもの (V) wakame seaweed and chopped cucumber, in sweetened vinegar and sesame marinade £3.00
daikon sarada だいこんサラダ (G)* (P)* finely shredded strips of mooli radish, with savoury dressing and tiny strips of dried seaweed £3.00
 horenso ohitashi ほうれんそうおひたし (P)* spinach leaves and sesame seeds in a savoury marinade, topped with dried fish flakes £3.00
  Side Orders  
edamame えだまめ (G) (V) delicious and addictive, succulent green baby soy beans - pop them from their pods to enjoy ! £3.00
tsukemono つけもの (G) (V) mixed pickled vegetables - a crunchy accompaniment to your meal £3.00
hiyayakko ひややっこ  (G) (P)* chilled tofu chunks topped with chopped leeks, grated ginger, sprinkling with dried fish flakes £3.00
morokyu もろきゅう  (G) (V) cucumber sticks, served with dipping pastes of miso and japanese plum £3.00
negi natto ねぎなっとう  (G)* (P)* sticky fermented soy beans, topped with chopped leeks - an acquired taste for some ! £2.00
japanese rice ごはん (G) (V) small bowl of rice - we recommend one bowl per person, and use it traditionally as a plate £2.00
miso soup みそしる (G) (P)* traditional home-made savoury soup (regular or vegetarian soups available) £2.00
chilli sauce チリソース (V) edamame's home-made chilli sauce - it's great for dipping into ! £1.00