served ice cold with small frosted glasses

Asahi Super Dry Lager - imported from Japan  (350ml can)
Kirin Ichiban Shibori - brewed in UK (330ml bottle)
Köstritzer Black Lager - from Germany ((330ml bottle) £3.50


Choya   (from Japan) [10% abv]      fruity and aromatic plum wine        shot glass (50ml) / bottle(750ml) £2.00/£21.00
Superior Plum Wine "Ozeki Kanjyuku" (from Japan) [14% abv]        shot glass (50ml) / bottle(720ml)
House Red / House White     great quality wines at modest prices      glass (175ml) / bottle (750ml) £3.00/£13.00

Ozeki Karakuchi (from USA) small / large tokkuri (125ml)/(250ml) [15%abv]
served hot (or cold on request) in "tokkuri" flasks, choose from a selection of tiny "ochoko" cups


sparkling sake   Ozeki "Hana-Awaka" (from Japan)
served cold with small chilled glasses   [7%abv]     250ml bottle


Shotchu - Japanes distilled spirits [20% abv]
served as mixed drinks :

ume hai - with soda water and a sour plum £3.00
oolong hai - with oolong tea
grapefruits hai - with soda water and grapefruit juice
calpis hai - with soda water and calpis yoghurt drink
oyuwari - with hot water and a sour plum

Soft Drinks
      all cold soft drinks are served with ice unless otherwise requested      

coca cola, diet coke, sprite £1.50
orange juice, apple juice (from concentrate) £1.50
iced tea (peach or lemon flavours) £1.50
mineral water - bottle of sparkling or still (500ml) £2.00
calpis - popular Japanese milky vanilla-citrus drink £2.00
 calpis soda - calpis prepared with soda water £2.50
oolong tea - imported tea, served cold £2.00
ramune soda - (from Japan) served in its famous and distinctive bottle
various flavours subject to availability, such as original, water melon, yuzu, strawberry, lychee
houji cha - toasted green tea, served hot 
(at lunchtimes the first cup of tea is complimentary)