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(M) contains meat
(G) is gluten-free       (G)** means can be made gluten-free on request
(V) for vegetarians (no meat or fish)
(P) for pescatorians (fish-eating vegetarians)
Set Menus  

chicken kara-age (M)

fresh chicken breast chunks, marinated in soy and ginger, deep fried and
served with rice and miso soup


pescatorian yasai tofu itame (P) (G)

diced carrots, mange toute, baby corn, oriental chives, beansprouts, tofu chunks,
stir fried with japanese seasoning and fish stock, and served with rice and miso soup


vegetarian yasai tofu itame (V) (G)

prepared as above using vegetarian stock seasoning, served with rice only (no soup)


chicken katsu / pork tonkatsu (M)
チキンかつ定食 (又はとんかつ定食)

fresh chicken breast (or pork loin cutlet) in breadcrumbs, deep fried,
served with rice, miso soup and a fruity dipping sauce


salmon teri (P)
”えだまめ風” サーモンてり定食

fresh salmon fillets, marinated and poached in “edamame-style” teriyaki sauce,
served with rice and miso soup


pork CURRY / chicken CURRY (M) 
カツカレー (又はチキンカレー) - みそ汁付

breaded fresh pork loin cutlet (or fresh chicken breast) deep fried, on rice smothered with our
tasty home-made pork curry sauce, served with miso soup


pork/chicken shoyu ramen (M) 
しょうゆ (又はチキンしょうゆ)ラーメン

fresh wheat noodles, tender chunks of pork shoulder (or chicken breast), bamboo shoots, and leeks
in a large bowl of soy and pork based broth


pork/chicken miso ramen (M)
(can be spicy, mildly spicy or plain)

wheat noodles, seasoned minced pork (or chicken), mange toute, corn, carrots, bamboo shoots
in a large bowl of miso based broth


miso ramen (V) (spicy, mildly spicy, plain) 
prepared as above, in a vegetarian miso broth, with tofu chunks instead of meat
pork/chicken yakisoba (M)
(stir fried noodles) やきそば (みそ汁付)
plate of wheat soba noodles, stir fried with mixed vegetables, seaweed powder, pickled ginger,
minced pork (or chicken), fish stock seasoning, dried fish flakes, served with a bowl of miso soup
pescatorian yakisoba (P)
prepared as above with tofu chunks instead of the meat, served with a bowl of miso soup
vegetarian yakisoba (V)
prepared as above (with tofu) but with vegetarian seasoning, no fish flakes, and no miso soup
(M) contains meat (G) is gluten-free       (G)** means can be made gluten-free on request  
(V) for vegetarians (no meat or fish) (P) for pescatorians (fish-eating vegetarians)  
Side Orders (all £2.00)
edamame (V) (G)   えだまめ
delicious and addictive green baby soy beans - enjoy some while we prepare your lunch !
tsukemono (V) (G)   つけもの
mixed pickled vegetables, a crunchy accompaniment to your meal
salad (V) (G)**   サラダ
mixed salad with a tasty savoury dressing, topped with toasted white sesame seeds
natto (V) (G)**   ねぎなっとう
sticky, fermented soy beans, topped with chopped leeks (an acquired taste for some !)
rice (V) (G)   ごはん
bowl of japanese ‘sticky’ rice (£1.00 if ordered together with a ramen or soba dish)
miso soup (P) (G)   みそしる
traditional home-made miso soup (made with fish stock), topped with a sprinkling of chopped leeks