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Please Note !

we take last orders at 8.30pm, but at very busy times we may close the line at 8.00pm,
or even earlier, in order to accomodate people already waiting in line
we strongly recommend therefore that you get here as early as possible !!

everything on the menu is meat free.
all guests should be aware that our sushi rice is prepared with vinegar that contains gluten !
Items marked (V) are fish free as well,  items marked (V) ** can be fish free on request 


specials (subject to availability)

makizushi rolls - a roll of sushi rice, fresh salmon, cucumber, pickles, avocado and sesame seeds, sliced into 4 pieces ..... £6.00
makizushi veggie rolls - a roll of sushi rice, omelette, cucumber, pickles, avocado and sesame seeds, sliced into 4 pieces ..... £5.00 (V)

hotate (scallop) nigirizushi - slices of top quality japanese scallops (2pcs) ..... £4.00
beef kimuchi rolls
 - seasoned beef slices, kimuchi pickles, fresh coriander, mayo and sushi rice wrapped into cone shaped rolls (2pcs) .... £6.00
unagi nigirizushi - slices of broiled freshwater eel with eel sauce (2pcs) ..... £4.00


small blocks of slightly sweetened vinegared rice (sushi rice), with toppings :
served as a set of two pieces, with gari (thin slices of pickled ginger)

squid  |  sweet omelette (V)  |  octopus  |  shrimp  .....  £2.50 (2pcs)
tuna  |  freshwater shrimp (amaebi) |  salmon ..... £3.00 (2pcs)
marinated tuna ...... £3.50 (2pcs)

nigiri set (one piece of each of the above - total 8 pcs) ...... £11.00
salmon and tuna set (four pieces each of salmon and tuna - total 8 pcs) ...... £11.00

"takeout nigiri set" deal
(for takeout only) 9 pcs at Special Price £12.00

the above 8-piece "nigiri set", plus another nigiri piece of your choice for an extra £1.00 to make a set of 9 nigiri pieces for £12.00
(served with wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, chopsticks and a napkin)



sushi rice rolled into small "boats" wrapped in nori (dried seaweed), with toppings :
each served as a set of two pieces, with gari (thin slices of pickled ginger)

avocado ...... £3.00 (V) (2pcs)
finely chopped salmon with leeks ...... £3.00 (2pcs)

finely chopped tuna with leeks ...... £3.00 (2pcs)
spicy tuna ...... £3.50 (2pcs)
salmon eggs ...... £4.00 (2pcs)

gunkan set (one piece of each of the above - total 5 pcs) ...... £8.50


sushi rice rolled into small cones wrapped in nori (dried seaweed), with fillings :
served as an individual piece (1pc)

shredded cucumber "kappa-maki" (V)  £2.50
pickled daikon radish (V)  £2.50

natto fermented soy beans (V)  £2.50
"californian" surimi (sea bream), cucumber, avocado, mayo   £3.00

freshly chopped salmon with leeks   £3.00
"spicy tuna", with seasoning and chilli   £3.00
freshly chopped salmon with avocado   £3.50


approx. 100 grams (8-10pcs) of selected cuts of very fresh raw fish
served with superior quality grated wasabi and shredded daikon (mooli) radish

salmon ...... £8.00  |  tuna ...... £9.00    
salmon & tuna sashimi MIX ...... £8.50


side orders

superior quality grated wasabi ...... £0.50 (V)  (good quality wasabi is available at no charge)
extra gari - thin slices of pickled ginger ...... £ free (V)

edamame - delicious green baby soy beans, our signature dish .....£3.00 (V)
miso soup - traditional home-made miso soup, vegetarian version also available ...... £2.00 (V) **

kinpira gobo - stir fried shredded burdock root, savoury seasoning & sesame seeds  ...... £3.00
tsukemono  - mixed pickled vegetables, a crunchy accompaniment ...... £3.00 (V)
sunomono  - marinated cucumber and seaweed salad ...... £3.00 (V)
kaiso sarada  - mixed seaweeds salad with shredded white cabbage, and dressing ...... £3.50 (V) **

horenso ohitashi - seasoned spinach and sesame salad side dish ...... £3.00 (V) **
hiyayakko  - chilled tofu pieces, topped with ginger and leeks ...... £3.00 (V) **

(V) ** - both ohitashi and hiyayakko are served in the traditional way - topped WITH a sprinkling of dried fish flakes
however, ON REQUEST they can be served WITHOUT the fish flakes, so they are then suitable for vegetarians