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Amy Choi

Could you consider using non-Japanese rice, given the news that rice crop tends to soak radioactive debris more than other food ingredients? There was a recent news from Japanese government to reverse their original claim that radioactive effect did not influence rice crops. We all love Japanese foods but we do not have to use Japanese rice, but use instead Californian rice, for example, since it has enough sticky and rich texture. If you can reply to this, that will be really appreciated. Thank you!!


I totally agree with you, I myself never use rice (and other ingredients if I can help it) from Japan in cooking Japanese food, and I don't think it makes it less Japanese. Love Edamame restaurant! Keep up the good work - you are awesome)

Thank you Anya.  We are really glad you like Edamamé !  We try to maintain the quality and taste of food that you and our other valued regular guests expect.  Thanks always for your continued support !

Hi Amy.  Thanks for your comments about Japanese rice.  You will be glad to know that we have been using Californian rice here at Edamame ever since we opened (15 years ago)  It is the "Nishiki" brand, a short grain rice that is particularly suitable for Japanese cuisine.