"a great, bustling atmosphere,

and an oasis for visiting Japanese

searching for a taste of home"

Oxford Times

"Edamame is Oxford's
best kept secret institution"


OU Student Union

"has the most sought-after
tables in town !"

Sunday Telegraph

"astonishingly good, simple,
well-executed Japanese food"


Hardens UK Restaurant Guide

"a brilliant Japanese"


The Times

"a flawless reputation among
town, gown and Japanese tourists
for authenticity, pristine fresh food
and a friendly welcome"


Rough Guide to the Cotswolds

"has an air of
bustling intimacy"

The Guardian

"a good value,
 authentic Japanese"


Waitrose Food Guide

"flawless, utterly original,
and a great experience"

Oxford Mail

"sushi to die for !"

Lonely Planet Guide

"a quirky Oxford institution
that will capture your heart ...
... as well as your stomach"


OU Student Union

"a tiny Oxford treasure"


Hardens Restaurant Guide

"highly recommended for
sustaining homely meals"


The Independent

"Oxford's best Asian restaurant
attracts a steady stream of local foodies
and Japanese expats"


Frommer's ShortCuts Guide Book

"superb Japanese home cooking,
at very reasonable prices"


Daily Telegraph

"the best rice and
noodle dishes in town"


Lonely Planet Guide

"a tiny, wallet-friendly Japanese
serving authentic food
to enthusiastic crowds"


Good Food Guide

"Edamame is a little
corker of a place !"


The Guardian

"ultra cheap, non-formulaic
Japanese home cooking"

Good Food Guide

"there's always a queue,
even in the rain,
but it's worth the wait"


Lonely Planet Guide

"a much loved beacon of
independence in the
Oxford food scene"

Hardens Restaurant Guide

"this little gem is
always full to bursting"


The Guardian


Edamame is an authentic Japanese eatery in Oxford.  We serve our own style of home-cooked food, offering various Japanese dishes, and sushi, at low prices.

It is not a sushi bar and it is not a formal Japanese restaurant.  It is a very casual and friendly setting that might not appeal to people in search of more formal dining !  However, everyone is most welcome, and we do our very best to make you feel comfortable through what might be for some a new kind of dining experience.

In Oxford there are several formulaic chains and Asian "fusion" food outlets.
At Edamame we fiercely maintain our policy of serving only authentic Japanese food, that we carefully prepare and then serve to you with much pride.

Our signature dish edamame "eh-dah-mah-meh" are juicy, baby soy beans. Pop them out of their salted pods to enjoy their succulent and addictive flavour.

Instead of one large menu we operate a schedule of three small menus,
to ensure that ingredients and their preparation are as fresh as possible :

lunch menu - everyday except Monday and Tuesday
sushi night menu - Thursday early evenings (currently operating a slightly reduced menu)
dinner menu - Fri / Sat early evenings (currently operating a slightly reduced menu)

We receive small daily deliveries of fresh fish and meat, a policy which may regrettably result in some items occasionally selling out.

We hope you will come and visit us one day soon.

Peter and Mieko Galpin (proprietors),
our son Leo, and all our staff